Dauper, S.A. is a Company founded and directed by perfumers, with the aim to constantly investigate and develop new products and processes.

Research & Development

This fact allows going one step forward in knowledge from the constant changes of the market, giving an extra advantage to our customers.

Our processes are backed by highly accurate and reliable technology solutions.

Thanks to the synergy between our technological potential and our philosophy of family business, we are able to adapt to the needs and requirements of our customers, to provide them with value-added products.

Our R+D laboratories are equipped with the latest technologies such as GCMS, EEG and state-of-the art software and hardware, adding a testing on final products and statistic control with panel test.

Custom designed

Dauper offers you a Custom Designed Service; our perfumers develop unique and exclusive fragrances, custom-made to the needs of our customers. As a result of many years of experience and exhaustive studies, we can design exclusive scents or fragrances, following always the specifications and requirements of our clients, turning their ideas into reality.

Safe Natural

Using the possibilities of biotechnology, Dauper has managed to create natural fragrances that are allergen-free, vegan and much safer than standard natural fragrances.

Dauper’s perfumers and biologists realized that the cosmetics market, under the false belief that natural is always good and safe, had problems using natural fragrances in their products, since they irritated the consumer’s skin and had a poor Management by extracting these materials could damage the environment and ecosystem, as for example, what happened in the past with natural palm oil, for this reason and thanks to biotechnology we have been able to provide a reliable solution to this demand for natural and safe fragrances.


EmoScent was created to obtain scientific studies about the influence of the different smells on our emotions. Thanks to sensors of neuronal recognition, we can analyze the different changes in our brain, when we are exposed to a particular fragrance.

This technological advance, along with the knowledge of our perfumers combining different scents, allows us to create fragrances capable of changing our state of mind.


DauperCaps is our latest technology of intelligent liberation of perfume, mainly used for fabric softeners. Through microencapsulation of the perfume, using Smart Technology from Dauper, we can achieve a gradual liberation of the perfume on the tissue, improving the performance of the fragrance on the softeners, and extending its length even 30 times more than with a normal softener.

Thanks to DauperCaps, we obtain a lasting perfume freshness sensation, improving the one obtained by a normal softener.


CoreScent is an innovative formulation system that works from the heart notes of the fragrance. These notes, also called body notes, are the ones that give its own personality to the fragrance. Thanks to CoreScent we can work on the volatile heart notes, also the base and the end notes, obtaining a more balanced, intense and long-lasting fragrance without increasing its price.