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Fine Perfumery

Our perfumers capture with an enormous sensitivity and an esthetic sense, the beauty, the emotions, the desires, the memories, the dreams… As if it was a work of art or a musical composition.

We create superior perfumes with selected raw materials, following the tendencies and demands of the current market and top international designers. Feminine, masculine and unisex perfumes, colognes, eau de toilette, eau fraiche, mass market and niche…

Oriental Perfumery

With a broad experience of more than 35 years in designing and manufacturing Arabic perfumery, we can offer you a large variety of exclusive fragrances, that combine selective raw materials as rose, saffron, musk, amber, Oudh with codestillations of precious woods.

We are experts in traditional Eastern perfumery, it gives us the knowledge to merge our expertise in oriental and occidental trends; our scents are designed following the tastes and needs of each market.”

Our especial compounding tecnhology (Coretech) allows us to get more long lasting fragrances with non-extra cost: perfumes, perfume oils, mukhallats, attars, bakhoors…

Air care

Thanks to the synergy of selected raw materials offered by nature and technical and chemical advances in our sector, we can offer a wide range of possibilities transformed into great compositions made by our expert perfumers, resulting in the most valuable fragrances.

We produce a wide range of evolving fragrances, prepared to create an exclusive and subtle ambience for different spaces and adapted for different types of diffusion such as: Incense, Candles, Sprays, Reed diffusers, Gel, Celulose, plug-in and also Nebulizers.

Personal care & Cosmetics

Delicate and up-to-date fragrances following IFRA and CE regulations, tested and designed to distinguish and strengthen your products, providing an overall sense of well-being to the end consumer.

We also manufacture hypoallergenic fragrances and natural fragrances, obtained from sustainable sources without harming nature or exhausting natural resources, that are increasingly requested by billions of consumers.

Fragrances for the pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industry such as creams, lotions, hair products, depilatory creams and waxes, deodorants, shower gel, toilet bar, soaps, etc.

Household & Detergents

We offer fragrances that have been rigorously tested to achieve high performance for the application they were created, always following the market demands and offering a feeling of comfort and cleanliness.

We can offer also our microcapsulation technology: Daupercaps for fabric detergents and softeners, giving an extra long-lasting effect.

Detergents, cleaners, disinfectants, softeners and laundry products…

Scent Marketing

Scent Marketing is the study, development and application of fragrances in different ambiances with the purpose of leaving a sense of wellness on the guests of a Hotel, Spa or Gym or an influence on the decision-making when buying from a determined store or shopping center or on the performance of the employees while working.

Specially designed fragrances exclusively for businesses that want to leave it-s own mark, establishing the power of the fragrance in their brand.

Hand in hand with Atmospheric Art and in an experimental way, we were pioneers in Spain of the Olfactory Market even before its own name was given and to before it was known as a Marketing concept adding additional value to businesses.

Sweet Flavours

We produce a large variety of sweet flavours in liquid form, for confectionary, candies, bakery, dairy products, coffee, tea leaves, juices, pharma & oral care. Inspired by nature, our R&D department investigates and innovates around new flavours on a daily basis, in order to better serve our clients. A careful elaboration, combined with rigorous quality control, allow us to offer superior flavours with which you will obtain the advantage to gain greater market share.

Orientative Dosages

Confectionary - Candies
0,5 to 2 grams per Kg
Bakery products
1 to 3 grams per Kg
Dairy products
1 to 2 grams per Kg
Aromatized Tea & Coffee
0,5 to 3 grams per Kg
0,5 to 2 grams per Kg
Pharma products
1 to 4 grams per Kg
Oral care
0,5 to 3 grams per Kg